Types of visas

Business Visa
Clients travelling on business, church business, Government business, Diplomatic and Official, Seminar, Volunteer and Study-related trips should submit their applications with an official covering letter specifying in brief detail the nature of their intended business transactions in Zambia from their sponsor or prospective employers.

Tourist Visa

Clients travelling on Tourist Visas need to attach copies of their flight itinerary or a copy of ticket. If available, include a copy of Tour Itinerary/Package.

Visitors Visa
Clients going to Zambia as Visitors should include a Letter of Invitation and immigration status of their host in Zambia, copy of National registration Card/ passport or an Immigration Permit if the host is non-Zambian and a copy of the flight itinerary or ticket. The Invitation letter should include the following:
• Hosts name, phone and address;
• Applicant’s name;
• Length of stay in Zambia; and
• Purpose of visit

Period of Stay
All tourists and ordinary visitors are entitled to ninety (90) days stay in any given period of twelve (12) months from the date of entry into Zambia.
A Business Visitor is entitled to thirty (30) days visit in any given period of twelve (12) months, for stays beyond 30 days, business visitors can apply for applicable permits at the nearest immigration office.

Visa Requirement for Children
Children under the age of sixteen do not need visas to enter Zambia except for British nationals.